Hey, I'm Wendy

Living in the Midwest has been a curious existence. From a young age I was inspired by 'anything but here'. Most of the ideas and things that I was drawn to weren't available in my small town. Enter the world wide web. It's been freeing me from the bondage of boredom and mediocre since 2000, when I got my first computer in middle school (giant Compaq desk top in beigey color). I still remember my first online purchase, a pair of pink Puma sneakers that I begged my dad to let me buy with his credit card in 2003. I haven't looked back since.

Living in the Midwest, and having a life curated by the internet, I get a lot of questions about the clothes I wear, the coffee I drink, the products I use, etc. What Wendy Likes is a site for me to share my ideas and honest product reviews with the world. So many of the sites that I follow are sadly tainted by heavy use of advertising partnerships, making it difficult to know, did they really like such-and-such product/experience? Or are they trying to sell it to me, increasing their own profits? You won't have to worry about that here. I'm just a Midwestern girl, sharing what I like, and maybe it will become what you like too. :)